Each year, we invite the surrounding community to buy a share of our farm's harvest. This means that as a CSA member, you are providing us with important capital at the beginning of the season when a farm's expenses are the highest. Your investment in our business allows us to purchase the seeds, equipment, and infrastructure necessary to provide an abundant supply of food to our community. In exchange for your support, we provide a weekly share of the farm's crops for you and your family while sustainably giving back to the land. We believe that healthy food starts in the soil, so we never use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm. We use compost, crop rotation, and cover crops to feed the microbes in our soil. They do all the real hard work for us. As a member of our CSA you will be creating employment opportunities, committing to healthy eating habits for you and your family, and advocating for small scale agriculture. This is our 5th year of providing a CSA for our community, each year we have added more variety and have fine tuned our selections to create a unique experience for our members.







Our 2021 Cranston CSA is SOLD OUT.


NEW IN 2021: We have made some changes to our CSA program to work better for our farm and to comply with safety regulations. We have added a new option for payment (SNAP EBT) and a new Farm Store Member program for those who can't commit to a full season. 


The CSA box is our weekly curated box of produce highlighting the freshest seasonal vegetables and fruits from our farm. Every week, we will send out a newsletter that gives you an update about the farm and lets you know what produce to expect in your CSA box. We'll even include recipes and tips for all of the items of your box!

The Cranston CSA box runs for 22 weeks
Pickup is on Wednesdays between 3 and 6
from June 2 - October 27
Cranston CSA pickup is held outdoors at the
Oaklawn Cranston Public Library
230 Wilbur Ave, Cranston, RI 02921

There are two share sizes:

HALF SHARE  (feeds 1-2)

FAMILY SHARE (feeds 3-4)

Half shares will receive 5-6 items, Family shares will receive 7-9 items and larger portions of most items like greens and tomatoes. Most of the items will be the same for everyone and there will be a few choices each week (like choose cherry tomatoes or tomatoes, spinach or arugula, or choice of herbs). We will write a list of all the items on each box so you can pick the box that suits you best! The selection of produce will vary with the seasons. See the "What's in a share?" section below to learn more. We also offer extra shares like flower bouquets and mushrooms to add on to your CSA! 

Each week will vary depending on the time of the season.

Here are a few examples of a FAMILY SHARE previous seasons:






















For 22 weeks of fresh produce:

HALF SHARE - $425.00
(Receive $18 - $22 value weekly)

FAMILY SHARE - $625.00
(Receive $27-30 value weekly)

Members are required to pay a $100 deposit before the start of the season to hold their place as space is limited. We require that the rest of the payment be brought to the first day of pickup or sent in early via snail mail. The prices we have chosen reflect the cost it takes to run our farm sustainably using regenerative practices and paying our staff a livable wage. We have had to increase our prices slightly this year to cover the cost of the boxes and bags needed to safely package our produce and be in compliance with safety guidelines. We are devoted to providing affordable fresh food to our community while maintaining a sustainable life for ourselves and our business. In gratitude for your full payment by the start of CSA, we will reward you with an average of 10% extra value each week. In 2020, our members averaged 13% extra value!

If you are in need of financial assistance, contact us to discuss a no interest payment plan. Many of our members set up automatic payments with their bank every month from when they sign up in January through June to spread out the cost.

 You are also welcome to split a share with a friend or family member and alternate weeks of pickup. 

Payment can be made in the form of CASH, CHECK, SNAP EBT or CREDIT CARD*. 

* A 3% fee will be applied to all credit card transactions- keep your food dollars in the local economy and out of the pockets of credit card companies, please pay by check or bank transfer!

Please note: EBT funds can not be used to pay for flower shares. 



We are partnering with other local small businesses to offer you extra shares to add to your CSA! We believe in the power of community to help our local economy grow. These optional shares are offered weekly, bi-weekly, one time pickups, or monthly so please read the descriptions carefully. 

This year we will NOT be offering an egg share. Our egg production is limited and we have decided to only offer our eggs for retail sale at our farm stand in Rehoboth. 


Weekly or bi-weekly

Adding a flower share is a different way of enjoying the beauty of the

seasons​. Each week, or every other week, you will receive a

bouquet of flowers grown and designed by us! These bouquets
will feature different flower varieties throughout the season.

Our flowers are also grown without chemicals.
If you will be traveling and can't use the flowers for one of the weeks,

they also make a great gift! Flower share begins in mid June. Bi-weekly

shares will alternate weeks by last name.
18 weeks, weekly JUNE - OCTOBER $250 +TAX 

9 weeks, bi-weekly, JUNE - OCTOBER $125 +TAX 



You now can add mushrooms to your CSA veggies! 
RI Mushroom Company will provide our members a mix of specialty
mushrooms either bi-weekly or monthly. Receive old favorites like
portobello, crimini, and shiitake while learning about more unusual 
varieties like oyster, maitake, and pioppino and don't worry- we'll give

you lots of recipe tips! 

6 months, 1 box monthly, June - October $54 ($9 per month)


One Pickup

Do you love to make homemade pesto? With this add on,
you will receive a bulk bag of basil when it is it's peak season plus a few 
heads of our fresh garlic. We will let you know in the weekly email when 
to expect this add on so you will have time to gather your pine nuts and 
olive oil! Also check the weekly email for a recipe!

1 Pickup,  $16



One Pickup

Fill up your pantry or freezer with the fresh flavor of summer! Take home

a bulk box of B-grade tomatoes perfect for sauce, salsa, or any way you

want to preserve them! This share will be one pickup in peak tomato

season in late August or September. We will let you know when it's

coming in the weekly email along with recipes & tips!

1 Pickup,  10 lbs box $20



In response to the increased level of food insecurity in our community
due to the pandemic and as part of our farm's food justice and
reparations plan, we have developed The Solidarity Share.

Our mission with this program is to get our fresh, healthy, locally grown

produce into the bellies of our low-income neighbors. Access to fresh,

nutritious produce is very difficult for our community members that

live in low income urban areas and often disproportionately affects

people of color. With help from your donation, we will deliver 

boxes of our fresh produce weekly to the Full Plate Project of Fall River.

We will continue our weekly donations of abandoned CSA shares to the

Rehoboth Food Pantry and Food not Bombs PVD. Community funded

programs make it possible for low-profit, high expense farm businesses

like ours to maintain financial viability and continue to serve under-resourced communities. 

1 share- $20

2 shares- $40

5 shares- $100

Other-Donations are accepted in any amount