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Flower Bouquet CSA

Celebrate the beauty of our New England growing season by signing up for our Flower Bouquet CSA!


How it works: Pick up a fresh bouquet from the farm stand every week or every other week all summer long. You will receive one of our signature paper wrapped bouquets filled with the week's best blooms from the field.

Pickup info: Your bouquet will be ready for pickup on Saturdays or Sundays during store hours. If you choose the bi-weekly option, we will alternate weeks by last name.


NEW IN 2024! Spring Flower CSA - 6 weeks of the season's best blooms! 

CSA dates: 

-Spring CSA- May 4-June 8

-The weekly / bi-weekly CSA runs for 18 weeks, June 15-October 12.

All CSA members will be notified via email a week before their first pickup as a reminder and the bi-weekly schedule will be announced at this time. 

The flower CSA makes a great gift for locals. You'll receive a downloadable image perfect for you to print or to email to your recipient.

Sign-ups are open now!

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