Cleaning scallions


Spreading compost


Prepping beds with the broadfork


Bunching scallions for CSA




Transplanting lettuce


Laying out the garlic harvest to cure


Mulching the potatoes with leaves


Harvesting beets in spring




Trimming cured garlic bulbs

Work-share information
Part of our mission is to share our knowledge. We feel it is incredibly important to encourage young people to be interested in where food comes from, especially folks in the food service industry. We hope through this program, we can be a part of the change needed in our food system: closing gaps, spreading awareness, educating others, and creating accessibility.

As a work-share, you can work in exchange for the cost of your CSA share. If you have spare time or are just looking for a new experience, working on a farm can be a great way to connect with nature. In addition to receiving a CSA share, our work-shares will learn about how we operate our farm with a hands-on experience. 

We require a 4 hour weekly commitment for a half share of vegetables and an 8 hour weekly commitment for a full share of vegetables.  It is important to realize that this is a commitment. We need our work-shares to be reliable and to commit to the whole season. We are looking for people who take this opportunity seriously and respectfully and can show up on time. 

Work-share shifts are available Monday-Saturday in Rehoboth, MA only 15-20 minutes from Providence. 

Before you contact us about a work-share, please understand:


  • Being a work-share is a commitment like a job. Experience is not necessary, but a good work ethic, physical capability to do farm tasks, and the ability to take direction are essential. 

  • We work hard on the farm in all types of weather. You will work in the hot sun and the rain, get sweaty and dirty, and could even get stung by a bee. You are responsible to bring your own water, hat, rain coat, sunscreen, etc. Check the forecast before you come and be prepared for any type of weather. In cases of extreme weather, we may reschedule work-share shifts. You will be required to wear a face mask.

  • If you have a lot of travel plans that conflict with your weekly shift, please make arrangements ahead of time to cover your shift (ask a friend or another work share to cover your shift) or to come on another day that week. 

  • We rely on the help of our work-shares to get a lot of weekly tasks done including harvesting, washing, weeding, transplanting, and other physically demanding tasks. You must be able to lift and carry heavy bins of vegetables and to squat, kneel, bend, etc.

  • We require work-share applicants to come work for a day in April or May to complete a working interview.

  • We have a lot of fun! It is required to be respectful to all other farm workers and to contribute to our farming pun contest. We work hard but also leave plenty of time for snack breaks and fall bonfires. We want our work-shares to join our farm family and hope to create lasting friendships. 

  • We will not discriminate against any applicants based on race, sexuality, gender identity, age, or religion. We are an LGBTQ safe space and invite folks from all walks of life. We only ask that you are kind to all plants, animals, and people.

Interested in becoming a work-share? Download the application by clicking the button below and return via email or snail mail following the instructions on the application.


Questions? Send us an email.


Workshare Application