When she's not bunching carrots or harvesting edible flowers, she's probably baking bread or making ice cream. Melissa has been immersed in the food scene for over a decade. As the former executive pastry chef of Ellie's and Gracie's in Providence, Melissa has proudly created sweets using New England's bounty, often growing and foraging for her ingredients. It has been her life goal to connect further with the ingredients she works with by starting a farm. Melissa takes great care of our apiary and loves to talk about her bees. 



Jordan fell in love with the seasons as she helped her parents grow a vegetable garden as a young child. This abundant source of fresh fruits and vegetables inspired her to pursue a career as a chef. She worked in the industry at restaurants in the Providence, RI area for many years until she left to seek a deeper connection to the food system. The beginning of Moonrose Farm marks the beginning of a dream for Jordan & Melissa to use their culinary and agricultural skills to provide wholesome food for our community. Jordan leads our floral design team as well as manages field production. Her favorite crops to grow are cut flowers and has a major appreciation for giant vegetables.


Trusty Farm Dog

Jax patrols the gardens, and makes sure no smell goes undiscovered. You can probably find him doing tricks for a tasty carrot slice or taking a nap in the shade under the truck.

emmy tulips.jpg

Head of Pest Control

Emmy Lou is our energetic and loyal field pup who spends her days hunting for rodents. Her favorite activities include chasing anything that moves, napping on a freshly prepped garden bed, and digging holes.