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91 Valley View Drive

Cranston, RI


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Each year, we invite the surrounding community to buy a share of our farm's harvest. This means that as a CSA member, you are providing us with important capital at the beginning of the season when a farm's expenses are the highest. Your investment in our business allows us to purchase the seeds, equipment, and infrastructure necessary to provide an abundant supply of food to our community. In exchange for your support, we provide a weekly share of the farm's crops for you and your family while sustainably giving back to the land. We believe that healthy food starts in the soil, so we never use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm. We use compost, crop rotation, and cover crops to feed the microbes in our soil. They do all the real hard work for us. As a member of our CSA you will be creating employment opportunities, committing to healthy eating habits for you and your family, and advocating for small scale agriculture.


If you would like to join the waitlist, send us an email!


Every Wednesday, from the first week of June through the week before Thanksgiving, we invite our CSA members to the farm to pick up their share from 3-6 PM. Bins will be set up and labelled with an amount of produce to take and one of the farmers will help answer any questions (and offer recipe advice!) Some recycled bags may be available, but we encourage our members to bring reusable bags to put your share into. There will be some set amounts of produce and some choices to make along the way. The selection of produce will vary with the seasons. See the "What's in a share?" section below to learn more. Every weekend, we will send out a weekly newsletter that gives you an update about the farm and lets you know what vegetables to expect at CSA pickup. We also offer extra shares like flower bouquets, eggs, mushrooms, and herbal tea to make your CSA uniquely yours. Check out CSA PICKUP INFO to learn more about when and where to pick up your share.

There are two share sizes:

HALF (feeds 1-2)
FAMILY (feeds 3-4)

Each week will vary depending on the time of the season.

Here are a few examples of a FAMILY SHARE from our 2017 season:



For 25 weeks of fresh produce:

HALF SHARE - $475.00
($19 weekly)

FAMILY SHARE - $675.00
($27 weekly)

Members are asked to send in a $100 deposit before the start of the season to hold their place as space is limited. We ask that the rest of the payment be brought to the first day of pickup. The prices we have chosen reflect the cost it takes to run a diversified vegetable farm. We are devoted to providing affordable fresh food to our community while maintaining a sustainable life for ourselves and our business. In gratitude for your full payment up front, we will reward you with an average of 10% extra value each week. 

If you are in need of financial assistance, contact us to discuss a payment plan. Many of our members set up automatic payments with their bank every month from when they sign up through June to spread out the cost.

 You are also welcome to split a share with a friend or family member and alternate weeks of pickup. 

Payment can be made in the form of CASH, CHECK, or CREDIT CARD*. Credit card payments will be taken on the first day of CSA pickup.

* A 3% fee will be applied to all credit card transactions- keep your food dollars in the local economy and out of the pockets of credit card companies, pay by check or bank transfer!


We are partnering with other small businesses in RI to offer you extra shares to add to your CSA! We believe in the power of community to help our local economy grow. These optional shares are offered weekly, bi-weekly, one time pickups, or monthly so please read the descriptions carefully.



Start your CSA 3 weeks early! Enjoy early season veggies including
radishes, salad greens, asparagus, green garlic, and much more!
This share has very limited space and will sell out quickly.
3 weeks, veggie share weekly MAY 13-27 SOLD OUT



Weekly or bi-weekly

Adding a flower share is a different way of enjoying the beauty of the

seasons​. Each week, or every other week, you will receive a

bouquet of flowers grown and designed by us! These bouquets
will feature different flower varieties throughout the season.

Our flowers are also grown without chemicals.
If you will be traveling and can't use the flowers for one of the weeks,

they also make a great gift! Flower share begins in July. Bi-weekly

shares will alternate weeks by last name.
18 weeks, weekly JULY - OCTOBER $200 +TAX 

9 weeks, bi-weekly, JULY - OCTOBER $100 +TAX 



With this extra share, you will enjoy a pint of Melissa's handmade

ice cream once a month. Flavors vary throughout the season and

many will use what is grown at Moonrose. Melissa only uses
high quality ingredients and sources locally whenever possible.

Some flavors we made in 2018 were Moonrose Strawberry,
Raspberry Oreo, Coffee Cookie, Salted Maple Toffee

Choose either one pint or two pints per monthly pickup. 

6 months, one pint monthly June - October $42 +TAX ($7 per month)

6 months, two pints monthly June - October $84 +TAX ($14 per month)




Enjoy a variety of herbal teas expertly blended by farmer and

herbalist Rachel Playe. Some of the herbs used in her teas are

grown right on the same property as Moonrose Farm! Each month

you will receive two tins of herbal tea selected by Rachel. Each tin will

make about 18 cups of tea.

6 months, 1 tins monthly, June - November $48 ($8 per month)

To learn more about Radia herbs, visit their website here.


Weekly or bi-weekly

Nothing compares to farm fresh eggs. You will receive a dozen

eggs weekly or every other week alongside your CSA share. We raise our 

laying hens with so much love. Our flock eats certified non-gmo feed and 

spends as much time as they want outside. They roam the pasture daily

and enjoy snacking on the worms and bugs living amongst the grass.

Bi-weekly shares will alternate weeks by last name.

25 weeks, weekly $150 ($6 per doz)

13 weeks, bi-weekly, June- September $78 ($6 per doz)




You now can add mushrooms to your CSA veggies! 
RI Mushroom Company will provide our members a mix of specialty
mushrooms either bi-weekly or monthly. Receive old favorites like
portobello, crimini, and shiitake while learning about more unusual 
varieties like oyster, maitake, and pioppino and don't worry- we'll give

you lots of recipe tips! Each share receives a minimum of 1/2 lb of 

6 months, 1 box monthly, June - November $54 ($9 per month)



*NEW OPTIONS IN 2020!!* Monthly

Add a monthly selection of Blackbird Farm beef and 
pork to your CSA! Farmer Ann Marie sustainably and humanely
raises her animals in Smithfield, RI, thoughtfully and lovingly breeding

her own Berkshire pigs and Black Angus cows. Choose from either a

monthly box or a one-time bulk box of the best meat you can get in RI!

Monthly Box

6 months, 1 box monthly, June - November $240 ($40 per month)

-3-4 items per box monthly, a mix of beef and pork. Each box
will receive a value of $40-$45 

Bulk Boxes

All boxes are $200 for a one-time delivery the first week of June.

Special bulk price!! Boxes will contain 20-25 lbs and could contain any

of the cuts listed in the description below. Boxes make a great Father's 
Day Gift!!!


20 lbs - Ground beef, patties, stew meat, London broils, bottom round
roast, eye of the round steaks, short ribs, cross cut shanks, chuck steaks, 
chuck roast, flanken-style ribs, flat irons, sirloin, skirt steak,  kabobs


25 lbs - Ground pork, pork patties, picnic roasts, butt roasts, St. Louis
style ribs, country style ribs, pork chops, pork tenderloin

GRILLING BOX- beef & pork mix

20 lbs - Beef patties, pork patties, St. Louis style ribs, baby back ribs, 
London broils, sirloin, pork chops, eye of the round steaks, country style
ribs, flat irons flap meat, skirt steak, pork tenderloin, kabobs

SMOKERS BOX - beef & pork mix

20 lbs - Brisket, St. Louis style ribs, baby back ribs, short ribs, flanken

style ribs, picnic roast, Boston butt, chuck roasts, pork belly


One Pickup

Do you love to make homemade pesto? With this add on,
you will receive a bulk bag of basil when it is it's peak season plus a few 
heads of our fresh garlic. We will let you know in the weekly email when 
to expect this add on so you will have time to gather your pine nuts and 
olive oil! Also check the weekly email for a recipe!

1 Pickup,  $16



One Pickup

Fill up your pantry or freezer with the fresh flavor of summer! Take home

a bulk box of B-grade tomatoes perfect for sauce, salsa, or any way you

want to preserve them! This share will be one pickup in peak tomato

season in late August or September. We will let you know when it's

coming in the weekly email along with recipes & tips!

1 Pickup,  10 lbs box $20