Each year, we invite the surrounding community to buy a share of our farm's harvest. This means that as a CSA member, you are providing us with important capital at the beginning of the season when a farm's expenses are the highest. Your investment in our business allows us to purchase the seeds, equipment, and infrastructure necessary to provide an abundant supply of food to our community. In exchange for your support, we provide a weekly share of the farm's crops for you and your family while sustainably giving back to the land. We believe that healthy food starts in the soil, so we never use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm. We use compost, crop rotation, and cover crops to feed the microbes in our soil. They do all the real hard work for us. As a member of our CSA you will be creating employment opportunities, committing to healthy eating habits for you and your family, and advocating for small scale Rhode Island agriculture.


What did our 2018 members think about our CSA?

"Moonrose Farm grows some of the tastiest vegetables, and beautiful flowers, this side of the Mason-Dixon line! I look forward to Tuesdays more than I ever have. It's like having your birthday once a week. If you're feeling challenged by the week's share, then reference the recipes suggested in their email. The flowers became such a ray of sunshine that I ended up purchasing an additional bouquet most weeks."

"I absolutely loved my CSA experience with Moonrose Farm! There is nothing like weekly produce that is grown with love, knowledge, and local soil! I enjoyed reading Jordan and Melissa's weekly e-newsletter filled with information about the food I was about to receive, and would re-read when I was stumped on how to use a few veggies more creatively. Overall, this was an awesome experience and I can't wait to see how Moonrose Farm grows in 2019!"


Every Tuesday, from the first week of June through the week of Thanksgiving, we invite our CSA members to the farm to pick up their share. Bins will be set up and labelled with an amount of produce to take and one of the farmers will help answer any questions (and offer recipe advice!) Some recycled bags may be available, but we encourage our members to bring reusable bags to put your share into. There will be some set amounts of produce and some choices to make along the way. The selection of produce will vary with the seasons. See the "What's in a share?" section below to learn more. There will be seasonal events of pick your own (PYO) veggies or fruit where our members are invited to the farm to pick extras. Every Sunday, we will send out a weekly newsletter that gives you an update about the farm and lets you know what vegetables to expect at CSA pickup. We also offer extra shares like flower bouquets, eggs, mushrooms, and herbal tea to make your CSA uniquely yours. Check out CSA PICKUP INFO to learn more about when and where to pick up your share.

There are two share sizes:

HALF (feeds 1-2)
FAMILY (feeds 3-4)

Each week will vary depending on the time of the season.

Here are a few examples of a FAMILY SHARE from our 2017 and 2018 seasons:


For 25 weeks of fresh produce:

HALF SHARE - $450.00
($18 weekly)

FAMILY SHARE - $650.00
($26 weekly)

Members are asked to send in a $100 deposit before the start of the season to hold their place as space is limited. We ask that the rest of the payment be brought to the first day of pickup. The prices we have chosen reflect the cost it takes to run a diversified vegetable farm. We are devoted to providing affordable fresh food to our community while maintaining a sustainable life for ourselves and our business. If you are in need of financial assistance, contact us to discuss a payment plan or consider being a work-share. Visit the workshare page to learn more about working in exchange for your share. You are also welcome to split a share with a friend or family member and alternate weeks of pickup. 

Payment can be made in the form of CASH, CHECK, or CREDIT CARD*. Credit card payments will be taken on the first day of CSA pickup.

* A 3% fee will be applied to all credit card transactions



Come back soon to see more information about our Extra Shares for 2019!



Mailing Address Rehoboth CSA pickup & Farm Stand Location:
88 Mason St

Rehoboth MA




 91 Valley View Drive

Cranston, RI


No retail sales at this location.

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